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Works of art, like rugs, are great additions to any home, Allowing color, texture, art, and beauty wherever they are placed. Here we share 4 ideas to decorate with rugs in a MOre creative way.









  1. Tapestries– Who says that art is just painting on a canvas? Beautifully crafted tapestries and finely woven, hand-knotted rugs create stunning works of art.
  1. Kitchen ornament– Your kitchen space does not have to be boring! Add a pop of color and coziness with a smAll wool rug or runner to add some much-needed life to the kitchen; they are reAlly sturdy for such use and also create a great cushion for your feet in an Area where you spend so much time on your feet.
  1. Bathroom accessory– Why have a conventional bathroom rug gracing this space when you can add a touch of style and comfort? SmAll size rugs are great additions to the bathroom, they manage MOisture very well and feel great under bare feet.
  1. On the sofa or sofa bed –Try using a flat weave wool rug or fine bamboo silk rug on a sofa or day bed. It’s a great way to cover upholstery without redoing the fabric or using slip covers.

So go ahead and try these decorating ideas in your home!

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