5 ideas to decorate with fine rugs


One of the MOst used rooms in the home is often the family room, so while you can choose some great furniture to grace this comfortable space, it’s just as important that the room make a fabulous impact. Here we share 5 ideas on how to achieve this magnificent impact by decorating with fine rugs.














    1. Focal Point:Make an impact by having a focal point for your Living Room or family room decor. Try adding a statement Area rug on the floor, or use rugs to define the space (creating separate Areas). The point is to have a striking focal point in the room and fine rugs can help you do just that!
    2. Add variety:You can ditch tradition and opt for two different (but complementary) rugs to add variety and interest to your Living Room. It doesn’t matter how big or smAll your space is, Area rugs come in All sizes! In fact, using two rugs of different sizes will add even MOre interest. This is best done by using a larger rug as the main focal point and then accentuating it with a smAller rug in an Area near the main rug.
    3. Don’t forget the harMOny:Using two different rugs doesn’t mean you forget about the need for harMOny, so we suggest using complementary rugs to maintain a beautiful theme.
    4. Play with a wall:Up the impact quotient and use a fine silk rug as your wall art! Whether you want glaMOur, an opulent look, or a touch of Rustic, a piece of fine rug art is a great addition. You can choose any style, color or design according to your room decoration. This wall art will draw more attention than any painting.

    The options for decorating with fine rugs are endless, as are the variety of rug options to choose from. Call or visit us and view our collection of over 4,500 rugs in the Alyshaan showroom. You can even view most of our rugs online

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