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blankIn the previous blog post, we talked about 4 simple tips for selecting the right rug, and in this follow-up post, we felt we should break it down even further, so here are the 5 simple questions to consider when shopping for an Area. . carpets!

Area rugs are a financial and design investment as they can take MOney out of your pocket but pay it back in terms of life and beauty added to the home. This means that selecting them comes with the added pressure of making the right choice.

So, to help you in your search, we share the list/practical questions to consider before you go.



  1. General style– Always keep in mind the overAll style of the room in which you want to add the new rug. This means opting for an option that appeals to your design aesthetic and also matches the style of the existing room. A rug doesn’t need to go with everything; you just need to harMOnize the existing furniture (textures, tones and colors) in the room. Also keep in mind how often you update the room’s decor, whether it’s seasonal interiors (by regularly changing your decor) or MOre timeless and classic. This will be of great help in selecting the right rug design.
  1. Lifestyle– The style of the rug would naturally also be influenced by the type of lifestyle you lead. This means a household with toddlers or young children, pets, or frequent social events must be considered. Often you don’t want a fine silk rug placed in a living space with small children or pets. So the type or material also enters into the equation.
  1. Carpet Placement and Use –This is an important question to consider because the type of rug you choose will depend on where you intend to place it. There would be a different type of rug for a formal room where it can serve as a center piece, compared to a casual Living Room or family room.
  1. Carpet Maintenance –All carpets require a certain level of maintenance and care. Depending on the type and material of the carpet, it will need to be professionally cleaned once a year. So the type of maintenance you can manage or prefer could also be taken into account when choosing an Area rug (for your needs).
  1. Expenses –Keeping your budget in mind, you can search for a variety of rugs for your needs. There are a variety of rugs available to suit every budget, but your best bet is to invest in a fine, high-quality rug that will last for decades (and even generations if cared for right!), rather than a cheaper rug that may not last. well beyond the short term. Remember that quality and price often go hand in hand.

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