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Do you have a rug design in mind but can’t find the right one with the right specifications even in our extensive inventory of over 4,500 rugs? Well, we have the solution for you with our magnificent Personalized Carpet service. For example, one of our clients already had an Asian theme decor in their home and the task was to introduce a fine rug that would not only add impact but also bring harMOny to the rest of the room and design theme.

For this project, we were tasked with creating a choice rug that would grace the Dining Room, with the rug placed under a rather narrow dining room table. Below, we share a visual journey from initial design to final product.

  • Initial design

The client provided us with the design she wanted for her rug. This was entered digitAlly into Alyshaan’s proprietary software. A careful selection of colors for the rug was included based on the client’s personal preference. This is also the step where we specify the rug material best suited to the rug’s specific use because there are a number of options available to help create the perfect custom rug, whether you’re starting from scratch, using a template or reproduce an existing design. I like it.

This is the carpet layout that was entered











The size of the rug was also unusual, an 8’15, perfect for custom orders due to the unusual design and size.

  • Loomed rug

After finalizing the design, colors and size, rug manufacturing begins at one of our production units in India. We make sure that the best quality hand knotted rugs are produced for each and every customer, and All specifications are taken into account for custom rugs.



As part of our custom rug manufacturing process, we also Allow our customers the option to view a “strikeout” which is a 1.5 foot piece of custom rug. We want to make sure you’ll love your new rug, so we’re giving you a chance to check out the design, materials, and colors.

Only after furnishing approval will the skilled artisans weave their magic bringing the design to life with a full size rug!





  • Finished rug placed in home

The final rug is a beautiful work of art indeed – The client was so pleased with the results that we are now working on a new custom rug for her main living Area as well!













CAll us today at 480-607-4955 and speak with our in-house graphic artist to get your design started or email us atinfo@alyshaan.&# 99;om!

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